Carpet Cleaning Services Expectation

A thorough and professional cleaning process to rid your carpet of deep-down soil.

Experienced professionals from Indoor Environmental Services who use safe methods to treat your carpet.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their carpet and upholstery are clean just because they look clean. What they may not know is that, over time, even the most spotless looking carpets and upholstery collect germs, dust and soil below the surface. To increase the useful life of your carpets & upholstery, most carpet manufacturers recommend you have them cleaned regularly every 12-18 months – and that could be before you even recognize they’re dirty.

Your furniture is one of your biggest investments. So choosing who to do your upholstery cleaning is no small decision.

INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has a Two-Step Deep Clean system for your carpet. Residue that gets left in the carpet from inferior cleaning processes is what causes rapid re-soiling. Our two-step deep cleaning process uses pressurized hot water and advanced cleaning agents to loosen soil. Then we remove the dirt and the cleaning solution with a pH-balancing rinse and a powerful vacuuming, leaving your carpet soft and clean.

People often speak badly about carpet, that it is troublesome for allergies, encourages mold, etc. The carpet itself is not usually at fault. More often than not the owner of the carpet has not taken care of it properly. If you neglect your carpet, that neglect will show or worse may create health concerns you are not aware of. Most of the problems that are associated with carpet come from a lack of attention to maintenance. If you consistently vacuum your carpet and set up a regular deep cleaning schedule your carpeting will have a long safe life and cause no problems in yours.

Under normal conditions (no smoking, no pets, and a low dust locale), you should vacuum your carpet at least once each week and deep clean it at least once each year. If you have allergies, children with allergies, pets, or all of the above, cleaning your carpet twice a week and deep cleaning at least 4 times annually is recommended. The more regularly you clean your carpets, the less dirt and pet dander will be ground into the base of the carpet and the longer it will last you.


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