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You paid a great deal of money for you carpet, so why not maintain it properly to maximize your investment? We

have put together some general guidelines which should help you keep your carpet looking and feeling new for years

to come.


Regular thorough vacuuming removes soil from among fibers of carpets, thus keeping their good appearance and

extending their life. Most carpeted areas need this vacuuming at least once a week. Seldom used areas may not need

to be vacuumed as frequently.


Dry soil from shoes, crumbs, etc. may stay on the surface of the carpet for a short period of time before working their

way down into the carpet. This surface soil can be removed easily if vacuumed regularly. Vacuuming on a regular

basis will also remove dust, pet hairs, and lint before they can be ground into the carpet.


Gritty or heavy soils will sink in between carpet fibers faster and are generally harder to remove from your carpet.

Vacuuming is still the best way to remove this gritty soil, but you must go over the same area more than once and be

sure to use a slower stroke to allow the suction of the vacuum to pull this grit from your carpet.

Eventually, carpets need some type of cleaning to remove soil that sticks to the fibers. How often depends on the amount

of use and the soil the carpet receives. Has your carpet professionally cleaned periodically? Or you may find it more

convenient to have it done professionally each time special cleaning is needed, rather than doing it yourself.

Professional cleaners use similar methods to home cleaning, but they have the knowledge, equipment, and experience

necessary to do a more thorough job of removing embedded soil. Professional cleaners can also handle spot removal,

re-dyeing, rebinding, and repairs. Always alert the cleaner to the location and cause, if known, of spots and stains that

require attention.


When selecting a cleaning service, the main factor to consider is the operator's skill and ability. Ask reputable carpet

dealers in your area whom they recommend. Satisfied customers may also suggest a cleaner to contact. Rug cleaners

of long-standing reputation can usually be relied upon to provide satisfactory service. They cannot provide

guarantees, however, because of the range of quality and wear they face in the carpets and rugs they clean.

Professional cleaners offering truck-mounted hot water extraction will have more power to remove soil and water

than in a smaller, self-contained unit(like the ones you rent). Another professional method using carbonic foams the

carpet with the same bubbles as club soda, and less water. This method often leaves less moisture.


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